Travellious Test Labs - Grid-It

empty grid it packing aid

A few months ago I stumbled across yet another entry into the packing aid arena. A series of elastic straps called Grid-It allow you to organize whatever it is you need to organize, however you want to organize it. I quickly became mesmerized by their promotional video of strangers approached in New York City and challenged to organize their bag, so I ordered myself a couple to see how I would fare. I've been using them for a few months now and as I was packing my gear up to head to Hawaii on Friday, I thought it was high time that I shared them with you.

grid it packing aid with pens

As you can see it's easy to pack them in a variety of ways. Sometimes I toss it in a bag for taking notes

grid it packing aid with toiletries
or pack up my toiletries for a long weekend,
grid it packing aid with makeup
or to keep my makeup within easy reach,
grid it packing aid for airplane
or for keeping things on the airplane close at hand.
grid it packing aid from side

They are super thin and have a zippered pouch on the back (which is bulging right now from having a pair of socks and eye mask tucked in for my flight on friday.)

large grid it with tech gear

And, the biggest of the bunch has let me keep all my cables and cords and hard drives and card readers and anything else I might need in one easy to find spot.

My only caveat; these aren't necessarily space savers. In fact, having my gadget gear packed like this may make it more difficult to stash into my backpack rather than in several zippered pouches. But when I'm unloading my bag to sit down and do some work this weekend in the hotel, I'll be glad I made the extra room.

Available in a variety of sizes that will fit in your bag or your luggage ($9.99-29.99) Pick up a few from Grid-It or Amazon and never dig through your bag again.


I'm an organizer so Grid-it would work well for me, even thought it might not save packing room. Finding every thing I need, when I need it, would certainly be a time saver.

Hi Donna,
I've been using a smaller grid-it in my bag for the past month or two to organize cables, and it's been a huge help. No longer does my iphone charging cable get tangled with my earphones, and I don't have to dig through to find anything. I love it!

Wow, this looks like a cool gadget. We usually have a gazillion phone chargers, camera changers, headphones and other gear on our trips, and this looks like it'd make organizing easier. Thanks for sharing!

It definitely made a difference in the organization of my bag. I'm typically not the most organized packer, but having a place for your chargers, etc can help you find your stuff when you need it.