Travel Tip: Kayak's Fare Buzz

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kayak logoFinding a cheap plane ticket can be an ordeal. Many a traveller has been slayed by the airfare search dragon. One question frequently asked of the savvy traveller is "How did you find that flight deal?" It's not easy, it takes a lot of persistance, an addiction to airline pages, and frankly a little dumb luck. However, one great tool that has been invented is Kayak's Fare Buzz. Kayak is a great site that searches multiple airlines at once. Go ahead over and sign up for an account. First of all, that allows you to search their site with flexible travel dates, a key tactic to finding the cheapest fare. But more importantly, it allows you to get buzz fares emailed to you for whatever destinations you choose.

We use this feature to keep an eye on fares for places we travel regularly or for an upcoming trip we might want to try. You can specify as little or as much as you would like including airports, continents, travel months, and maximum fare. For instance, right now we keep an eye on flights under $250 to Baltimore to visit our family, deals to San Francisco for a last minute excursion, and if anything falls below $600 to go to Europe. We choose to get this emailed to us every day, so we can keep an eye on trends. If you're not so interested in filling up your inbox, you can choose a weekly update as well.

The easiest way to score an airfare deal is knowing what a good price is, and by monitoring Kayak regularly, you'll know exactly when to snag those tickets to Europe.


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