Ten Travellious Destinations for 2012

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Recently, I've been going crazy at the daily announcement of yet another "hot places to travel in 2012" list. Everyone is doing them and I can't help but wonder, what purpose do they serve? Are they the work of lazy journalists who aren't quite ready to ramp up to serious work in a post-holiday coma? Or are tourism boards pleading with the powers that be to get their name front and center? It's probably a mix of things and unless you're concerned with being travel trendy, they do little to inspire your travel plans.

Not wanting to be left out of the list making phenomenon and wanting to take a jab at the list makers, I decided to join the fray. My approach, however, is a bit different. Instead of basing a list on trends, reports and press releases... I went old-school. My vintage globe, eyes closed, a spin of the wrist and a pointed finger. Did you ever play that game as a kid? I landed in the water quite a few times and on cities that don't exist anymore (hey, I said vintage globe,) but in the end came up with an eclectic list of far off places. So, I present to you my Travellious list of completely random destinations to make you think about where you might head in 2012 and beyond. Read more.

Islands East of Adak

Image: seabamirum.
Aleutian Islands

The Aleutian Islands are remote islands off the coast of mainland Alaska. You can get there by ferry or airplane, but it's pricey and a potentially long trip. Once there you'll find outstanding bird watching, fishing charters and views of nature at its finest. Start plotting your ferry ride on the Alaska Marine Highway System or look at flight options from Peninsula Airways. For more inspiration, check out Unalaska's Tourism Board or Travel Alaska. And if you happen to pass through Unalaska in the month of October, you might have a reality show encounter with a castmember of the Deadliest Catch.

Image: Taiger808.

Halfway between New Zealand and Hawaii, Samoa and its neighbor, American Samoa offer typical sorts of island exploration. Beautiful beaches, tropical fruit and waterfalls abound. Get more ideas of what might draw you there from the Samoa Tourism Authority, personally I'd love to wander the Apia Market and feed my senses.

french guyana
French Guiana

French Guiana or Guyane is an overseas region of France (like Martinique in the Caribbean.) Sandwiched between Suriname and Brazil, it enjoys a climate much like the rest of the neighboring Caribbean. While there, you can explore the Amazon, attend carnival festivities in Cayenne or experience a rocket launch at Europe's Spaceport, thanks to its ties to France. For more inspiration, check out the French Guiana Tourism Committee.

Gotenburg , Sweden

The coastal Swedish city of Göteborg (as it's called by locals) is the second largest in Sweden. With a wealth of museums, arts and culture, as well as a burgeoning gastronomic scene, it's an urbanite's dream. For an insider's perspective, check out Sandra Juto's photos of her time spent in Gothenberg or read more about the city on the Visit Sweden website.

Akita Japan
Image: pen3ya.
Akita, Japan

Akita and its surrounding prefecture is situated on the northwest coast of Japan. Home to rice farming, stunning coastline and the Lake Tazawa, the deepest lake in Japan (pictured above.) Akita prefecture is also known for seasonal festivals, including Akita Kanto Festival, noted by stunning displays of lanterns in the shape of rice. Discover Akita on the Japan Tourism website.

Casablanca, Morocco

Most people are familiar with the classic movie Casablanca, but the modern day port city of Morocco is more than a movie set. I could vist to wander the streets alone looking at the architecture and ornament. (See this Casablanca Flickr set to see what I mean.) And then there's the food. Tajines with lamb, couscous, and sweet and savory pastillas or Moroccan meat pies.

Image: TunnelBug.
Detroit, Michigan

If Chrysler's beautifully filmed Super Bowl ad/love letter to Detroit didn't make you want to visit the Motor City, then you are far less easily manipulated than I. There's plenty of culture in Detroit, including the Detroit Institute of the Arts and the Henry Ford Museum (where you can walk inside R. Buckminster Fuller's Dymaxion House.) There's also hot dogs and Detroit-style pizza and from perusing a few websites, apparently flaming cheese is a menu staple at Greek restaurants throughout the city. Read more about the city at Visit Detroit.


This island off the coast of Africa offers sun, beaches, and what one expects from an island. But, Madagascar is unique in its bio-diversity. This is the only place in the world where you'll find a number of plants, birds and primates. Did you know that lemurs are native to Madagascar alone? Look into planning a trip at the Madagascar National Tourism Board.

Liverpool, UK

We all know that Liverpool breeds great music, including the legendary Beatles. What I didn't realize is the rich culture that the city has bred. With the largest collection of museums outside of London, art collections, and live music venues, the coastal city offers a varied urban travel experience. And if you're in the UK, you're probably going to want to pop by a pub. The Ship & Mitre looks particularly appealing, with its four beer festivals annually with over 80 beers to sample. Plot your trip to Liverpool over at Visit Liverpool.

Birmingham Alabama
Image: Dystopos.
Birmingham, AL

Birmingham is the largest city in Alabama and may be an unlikely tourist spot. Its place in history remains as the place of demonstrations and riots during the Civil Rights era. Southern culture and more importantly, Southern food abound. Visit Irondale Cafe, the inspiration for Fannie Flag's Fried Green Tomatoes or try a Birmingham-style hot dog. The Great Birmingham Hot Dog Tour blog can provide you with plenty of inspiration.

Will I make it to any of these destinations in 2012? Probably not, but this post alone has been an excellent exercise in travel dreaming. I hope some of my random hits inspire your 2012 travels and I highly recommend that you go grab yourself a globe and reawaken your inner grade-schooler for some travel inspiration.


I LOVE this post. I'm not going to any of these places in 2012, but I sure loved reading about them. What a fresh approach! It shows that spinning the globe and pointing a finger is not a half-bad way to choose a destination - there are wonders in every corner of this world.

We went to Akita last year for honey moon, very romantic place. We also managed to see the Kanto Festival during our tour:)