Travel for Design


It's travel month over on the home design blog, Apartment Therapy. (In a former life, I helped launch their technology blog and wrote about all things techie in the home.) This month they've dished out packing tips, provided hotels to lust after and discussed travel logistics. Here's a sampling of some of my favorite travel-inspired posts this month.

Traveling To A New Place

man under sign
Image: Wootang01.

There's something special about a trip to a new place. Everything is new, and you've got lots to explore. But this newness also comes with some unique frustrations. It's entirely possible that you'll feel a little unfulfilled, time will be wasted, things will be skipped or missed entirely. But, don't despair. I've got a few tips that will help you get the most out of your next "first" trip.

Travel Like A Human Being: You Can't See Everything

Woman Looking Out The Window, Leaving
Image: iandolphin24.

After looking through guidebooks, reading about cool places to visit, and enduring a long plane ride it's natural to get excited about all the unique people, places, and things you can see on your trip. However, it's also just as easy to start to feel desperation, like you absolutely need to see all the sights. Don't run yourself ragged and turn into a sightseeing robot. Instead, take it a little slower and enjoy where you are.

5 Embarrassing Rookie Travel Mistakes

Cranky? You betcha, I made a stupid travel mistake.

Mistakes. Everyone makes them, from rookies to seasoned travelers. We're definitely not immune, far from it, we still make them quite regularly. But, the great thing about mistakes, is that we can all learn from them. So, in the interest of both amusement & education, I present you with our own top five rookie travel mistakes.

How To Get Your First US Passport In 5 Easy Steps

us passport
Image: Rakka.

Are you a first-time traveler who wants to take your first trip abroad? Before you go looking for tickets, planning an itinerary, or searching for hotels, you've got to get yourself a passport. But how do you go about getting the all-important little blue book?

I've had my passport for a while, but I still remember the joy I experienced when I was able to finally leave the country for the first time. To help you find that same joy with as little pain as possible, I've broken the process down into a few easy steps, so that you won't have any excuse NOT to get one.

Your Flying Essentials

Image: duesentrieb.

Last week, fresh from a trip to SXSW, I featured all those little essentials I need for dealing with the rigors of flying. I also wanted to find out what you, our dear and loyal readers, thought was essential when flying. Since we've got the best readers in the world, you didn't disappoint. Check out the rest of the article to find out what other readers can't live without when they're trapped in a flying tin can.

Flying Essentials According to Austin

austin's big head
Image: aghman.

Whenever we head to the airport, we all have those few little things that we can't forget to throw in our bag. I'm sharing mine with you below, but would love to hear yours as well. Send your five to six "must haves" for your next flight to me at austin (at) travellious(dot)com. I'll feature it here in an upcoming post.

Five Reasons To Ride The Bus

riding the bus

Taking a plane may be faster, a train more elegant, but to get a real sense of a place you need to consider taking the bus. On a bus, you can you slow down and see somewhere away from the rails and closer to where people live, work, and play. If you've never been a bus passenger, we've got five great reasons to take the bus on your next trip.

Quick Tip: Forgotten Expenses

Image: velo city.

When you're setting aside a budget for an upcoming trip, it's easy to remember all the fun things that you'll need money to do, but what about those expenses incurred at home? If you can't beg, borrow, or steal to get something taken care of for you while you're away, paying for a specialized services can quickly add up. Here are a few ideas to keep in mind to keep unwelcome financial surprises at bay.