Quick Tip: Why Flights Get Bumpy

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If you're anything like me, when you're on a plane and it starts rocking, you wish you were safely on the ground. Despite the fact that I know, in my heart of hearts, that a little bit of turbulence won't crash my plane, it doesn't stop me from thinking, "Is this it? Am I going to die?" But after reading Cliff Mass' recent post on turbulence and its causes, I have the best weapon to combat my fear, knowledge.

Five Reasons To Not Take The Cheapest Flight

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With all sorts of bad airline-related stories popping up lately (fees for blankets, Kevin Smith too fat to fly, and the ever present airline strike...this week it's British Airways.) I really got to thinking about the choices we make when we buy airline tickets. Many people simply buy the cheapest ticket available, without regard for other factors. Sure, a cheap ticket can get you from point A to point B, but are you really getting the most bang for your buck when it comes to your entire trip? Keep reading for a few reasons why the cheapest ticket may not be the best ticket for your next trip.

How To Recover From A Red Eye Flight

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Red eye flights can be both the travelers best friend and worst enemy. These overnight flights are often inexpensive, but unless you're prepared to cope, they can completely mess with your internal clock. To help you deal with your next red eye flight, we've got five ways to help you quickly recover and get back to normal.

Your Flying Essentials

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Last week, fresh from a trip to SXSW, I featured all those little essentials I need for dealing with the rigors of flying. I also wanted to find out what you, our dear and loyal readers, thought was essential when flying. Since we've got the best readers in the world, you didn't disappoint. Check out the rest of the article to find out what other readers can't live without when they're trapped in a flying tin can.

Flying Essentials According to Austin

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Whenever we head to the airport, we all have those few little things that we can't forget to throw in our bag. I'm sharing mine with you below, but would love to hear yours as well. Send your five to six "must haves" for your next flight to me at austin (at) travellious(dot)com. I'll feature it here in an upcoming post.

Twitter Tips: Where to Find Power in the Airport

Do you twitter? Twitter is not only a great resource to connect and meet new friends, but offers a world of advice for the traveler. Here's our latest find.
electrical outlet
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Tired of searching out an electrical port for your cell phone or laptop at the airport? Plan ahead with this site, AirPower Wiki, which lists the location and quality of electrical outlets world wide. An added bonus...many users give the cost and location of wifi connections.

Thanks to scottkimber for this tip!

Breaking The Rules: Avoid Your Gate

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Waiting for your flight can be one of the most stressful parts of traveling. People are milling around and stressing, eventually spreading their worry, making you feel even more anxious. So why not wait somewhere else and break free from all those bad vibes?

Try This Site: Yapta

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Have you ever procrastinated on buying a flight because you thought the price might drop? You can usually get a refund if that happens, but who wants to keep checking after you buy? For you chronic procrastinators, as well as everyone else interested in saving money on flights, Yapta is a site worth trying.

Six Tips for Getting the Best Airfare for You

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The first major expense you'll make when planning a trip is getting there, usually in terms of an airline ticket. It's not always about getting the cheapest ticket, but finding the best deal for you. Instead of blindly buying a ticket, do some soul searching first. Think about what you want, then do your research, and merge the two into the best possible solution. Airfare is easily the largest expense on your budget, so negotiating the best deal will allow you more flexibility when planning money to be spent on the road.