Design Nerds: Trip Planning Ideas from Around the Web (2/8/13)

around the world wide web design

When it comes to travel, traditional guides offer little value to the niche interest. They won't tell you where to find all the record shops in San Francisco, or where you might find a letterpress print to add to your collection, and they certainly won't tell you to bring hot sauce home as a souvenir. And that's ok, because honestly, you don't want a guidebook's suggestion for something they're completely unable to provide. You want someone who's interested, plugged-in, and just as obsessed as you are. You want a nerd. We've decided to help you out every month by featuring a different theme and a selection of our favorite inspiration from around the web with ideas for travel in mind.

This month, we've gone with the topic of design and we've found experts that will help you find where to go shopping for home goods in Melbourne, discover the perfect graphic installation to photograph, footsteps to follow in Paris, and a blog that will keep you exposed to all aspects of Japanese design. Be prepared, however, because after reading any of these sites, you might just start planning a trip.

Travellious Reading Room: Hidden Gardens Of Paris

hidden gardens of paris

When you think of what makes Paris famous, you'll likely think of the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, or the Champs-Élysées. If you're into gardens, you'll also likely think of the Luxembourg Gardens or the Tuileries Garden, some of the most well-known gardens in the city. However, you might not think of the countless other, lesser known gardens that are strewn throughout Paris. But, with Susan Cahill's new book, Hidden Gardens of Paris, you can delve into forty of these lesser known, but no less amazing, garden spaces. From L'École Normale Supérieure in the Latin Quarter, to Parc des Buttes-Chaumont in northeastern Paris, you can find a quiet, beautiful spot to stop and relax in no matter what part of the city you are visiting. Keep reading to find out why it's worth your time to pour through this book before your next trip to the City of Light.

Travel Stories: Charles de Gaulle Chaos

Charles De Gaulle Airport
Image: CruisAir.

I had been on a plane all night and didn't sleep a wink, as usual. I had been slightly worried about my short one hour layover in Paris, but we were early. No problem, heck I'd even have time to change my clothes and reboot my brain that it was a new day. I passed on the airline coffee, knowing full well that I had a cappuccino in Padova with my name on it. Did I mention that it was 6am?

We land and I begin my exodus down a long hallway, some stairs and onto the moving walkway. Just follow the signs for 2F, I thought, no big deal....I've got an hour and a half. And then, I round the corner to complete and utter chaos. It looks like there might have been lines to go through customs an hour or two ago, but they were long gone now. There was no one to tell you what to do, just a few signs that made no sense in a mass crowd. My flight is before 8:20am, I should listen to that sign and head to the left, but where is left? I pause for a moment, my gut instinct to turn around and find another way ignored. What do I do? Do I push my way through the crowds of people like the obnoxious British man did to my right? Do I stand and wait? I search the crowd and everyone's face has the same expression. WTF. They're doing the same, searching the crowd for someone who might speak their language or carry the same color-coded passport to follow. (We're all lemmings in that way, aren't we?) Order was nowhere in sight, so I migrated myself to the left near a line marker and slowly got in line. Off in the distance I could read that every agent was marked "All Passports." It didn't matter what line I got in, just that I got to someone who let me past the gates and hopefully put another stamp in my passport.