Off the Beach in Honolulu

Iolani Palace palm tree Honolulu Hawaii

What are the things that come to mind when you think about a trip to Hawaii? Beach time? Crowds at Waikiki? A lei. A mai-tai. A luau. These aren't things that I typically get excited about (well, except for maybe a mai-tai or two.) If you're looking for alternatives from the high end shopping, beach lounging and frosty drink sipping, look no further than a trip into downtown Honolulu.

Travel Like A Human Being: Always Be In Search Of Something

chocolate milkshake austin foodcart

Whenever I'm traveling, or even just out exploring in Seattle, I've always got a collection of things that I keep a lookout for. A pulled pork sandwich. A stack of vintage LPs. Food cooking in an open air market. These are things that cause me to drop my plans to stop and stay awhile. Not necessarily addictions (ok, maybe they are just a little), but glimpses into my personality, who I am, and what I love. They make travel, and life in general, more fun.

I'm sure you've got your own set of favorites, all your own, that you indulge in on a regular basis. But do you take those with you when you travel? If you don't you should.

While many of my finds are serendipitous, some of the best encounters were planned well in advance, so I suggest that you factor in your personality when you plan your next trip. Instead of following the guidebook itinerary blindly, give yourself time to visit that antique shop in Paris, or Italian comic book store, or a bakery in Vietnam. Think about what you really enjoy when you're at home, do some research before you leave, and give yourself time to discover your foreign self.

Modern Monuments: Dulles International Airport

dulles airport
Image: Feuillu.

You may not think of an airport as monument worthy, but in the case of Dulles International Airport outside Washington, DC, it's a perfect example of mid-century modern architecture. Designed by Eero Saarinen (perhaps best known for his famous tulip table) in the late 50s, Dulles offers the traveler a lesson in architectural history and a glimpse into how a well-conceived design can often lead to frustration. (Am I alone in hating the terminal trams? I think not.)

Breaking the Rules: Don't Sightsee

Image: danorbit..

Monumentitis (n.) the condition caused by repeated exposure to the cultural and historical artifacts of a place one is visiting; usually accompanied by sore feet, sweaty armpits, and a generally unpleasant attitude.

Before you get a case of monumentitus or if you're currently suffering from one, heed our warning "don't sightsee." Sightseeing is defined as "the act of visiting famous or interesting sites" some definitions go so far to say that sightseeing can only be done on a motor coach with a guide with these places of interest are decided for you. You don't have to stop visiting monuments and museums entirely, in order to avoid monumentitus you've just got to change your approach.

5 Best Places To Spot Boobies On Your Next Trip

Man at beach, with binoculars.
Image: Brian Auer.

Did you know that some people take trips, with the express purpose of seeing boobies? While beaches and other waterfront areas are the best "habitat", you need to know where the best places are, so that you don't come home disappointed. Guys, you know what I'm talking about...So, without further adieu, I present to you the five best places to spot boobies on your next trip.

Art Outside the Box: Sculpture Gardens

Museums aren't the only place where you can check out the masterpieces. Here's our series guide to seeing the arts outside of the box.
storm king arts center
Image: jstudts.

Storm King Art Center, Mountainville, NY

Who says you have to appreciate art indoors? Many of the great museums across the world have taken their sculptures outside to be appreciated. The next time you head out of town, be sure to look out for a local sculpture garden where you can appreciate art and nature. Featured above is Storm King Art Center, an hour's drive from New York City, and home to many great modern masters situated in 500 acres of lawns, fields, and woodlands.