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Year In Review: Ways to Get There

man riding bicycle
Image: Isobel T.

Getting there is half the fun and some of our favorite posts from the past year have focused on that aspect of travel. Whether by plane, train, or even boat, we've shared our tips on all types of transit.

Cheap Moves: London

London transit
Image: Dimitry B.
While everything in London is notoriously expensive, getting from place to place can eat up a particularly large chunk of your budget. After all, London is a large city, with lots to do, and a week's worth of cab rides, tube trips, and jaunts on the bus will leave you with little more than pocket change by the end. Check out our tips below that will help you keep your transportation budget in check.

All Aboard The Chinatown Bus

Bus Stop Photo
Image: B Tal.

For bargain-seeking traveler, there is no better deal to be had than the Chinatown bus. Alighting from most major East Coast cities, Chinatown buses are a great no-frills way to get around at bargain basement prices. But why would you choose them over Greyhound? Here's what makes Chinatown buses stand out among their competitors...

Traveling on a Container Ship


Did you know you can hop aboard a container ship and sail the high seas? Neither did we, but think we may have found the perfect vacation for those who want to travel to foreign lands, but don't want to hop on a cruise ship through the Carribean.