Artsmart Roundtable: Jaume Plensa's Outdoor Sculpture

jaume plensa overflow sculpture new orleans

I didn't go out in search of Jaume Plensa's sculpture, but instead it kept finding me. In my travels lately, I keep bumping into the work of the Spanish sculptor. In New Orleans, I became enthralled by this work made of a lattice of letters in the sculpture park at the New Orleans Museum of Art. A month later, I was confronting with him again. This time walking along Sunset Beach in Vancouver, BC as he called to me from the hillside.

jaume plensa we vancouver

By the time I got home I couldn't get this sculptor out of my head. Why did he keep showing up everywhere I went? Who is he?

Awaken Your Senses in Hawai‘i at Volcanoes National Park

volcanoes national park

I'll be honest, when I learned that I'd be heading to the island of Hawai'i, I wasn't exactly excited about volcanoes. In fact, I may have even been a bit apathetic, muttering "head to the Big Island, see some volcanoes, how cliché." That's not to say that I didn't want to visit, but countless honeymoon photos and uninspiring stories had colored my expectations. However, with my low expectations, Volcanoes National Park had the upper hand during my visit. I returned home inspired and ridiculously excited about what I had seen.

Travel Stories: A Night of Dancing

In the age of technology and camera phones, sometimes we focus too much on getting the shot. When your camera fails you, don't throw away the experience...just tell a story.

In the shadows of darkness, two young men sit with drums at their feet. They begin to place their flattened palms to the deerskin. Faster and faster. One by one women dressed in long pleated skirts and light gauzy tops emerge from behind them, as if they are floating across the sand. I try to watch their feet to gain some sense of the rhythm. Left, left, right, right? Is that how it goes? My eyes can't keep up. Failing to discern, my gaze returns to the boys hands. What sort of rhythm were they keeping? My thoughts were interrupted by a loud voice calling out from the darkness and the rest of the women respond in song. I give up trying to understand and turn off my brain.

Art Outside the Box: Corozal Mural

corozal mural belize
I love catching art outside of a museum. This mural depicts the history of Belize, from the Maya through colonialism to the first prime minister George Price. Wander past the government workers and take a peek at this peeling fresco by the Belizean artist, Manuel Villamor Reyes. I've captured a few of my favorite elements below.

A Lesson in Heat: Touring Marie Sharp's Factory in Belize

marie sharp's hot sauce belize
Hi, my name is Kelly, and I'm addicted to hot sauce.

When I left for Belize in early December, I didn't anticipate bringing home anything with me other than a suntan. Instead, by the end of the week, I found myself with a huge crush on the habanero, particularly in the form of hot sauce made by Marie Sharp. Good thing a visit to the factory was on my itinerary.

Photo Tour of Belize

pier south water caye belize
I just got back from a trip to Belize where I explored the incredible diversity of its people, places and culinary traditions. As an introduction, I thought I'd take you along on a photographic tour of Corozal, Orange Walk and Dangriga in Northern and Central Belize. I quickly discovered that that the beauty of Belize lies not only in its beaches. Come along with me, and you'll see what I mean.

Shrimp, Sand and Shave Ice: Exploring Oahu's North Shore

cocoa puff liliha bakery honolulu hawaii

Thanks to jetlag, we woke up early and ate some Cocoa Puffs. No, not THOSE Cocoa puffs....these cocoa puffs from Liliha Bakery.

Then we hopped back into the car and drove up the H2. We watched as Oahu transition from a dense downtown into the suburbs, past unfamiliar trees, through military barracks, and into farmland. When we cleared the interior, we began to see cars lined up along the road and surfboards being toted across the street. But, where was the beach?