Festivals of the Season: Printemps Des Arts in Monte Carlo

Conductor at Printemps Des Arts in Monte-Carlo

Springtime around the world usually means warmer temperatures, brightening skies, and an awakening of life. In Monte-Carlo, in Monaco, it also means that it is time for celebrating music, dance, and the arts in its yearly festival, Printemps des Arts. For several weekends from mid-March through April, concertgoers can enjoy twenty five musical and dance performances, several conferences, dance performances, plus master classes by some of the performers. The many performances by the hometown Monte-Carlo Philharmonic Orchestra and parts of the Monte-Carlo Opera are sure to please, and the diverse selection of visiting performers give attendees a chance to sample the culture of the world without having to leave the Riviera. Thinking about the whole festival left me wondering, wouldn't this be a great excuse to plan a trip to Monaco?