Tasting Journey: Revolver Brewing

I often come across passionate, enthusiastic characters in my travels. More often than not they have something to do food and drinks. I love learning about their passion for what they create and I love sharing my finds with you, so you can visit too.

Revolver Brewing is a newcomer to the craft beer scene in Texas with their grand opening in Granbury, Texas, in October 2012. World class beers for a Texas palate are created by Grant Wood, a former brewer for the Boston Beer Company. Wood found his way back to Texas, alongside owner Rhett Keisler, to get back to their roots and create craft beer for a Texas audience. The beers they craft are light-bodied, full of flavor, and the brewery, well-worth a visit the next time you're in the Dallas area. They've got big plans and I suspect they'll be making interesting beers for many years to come.

the beer

Craft beers have arrived in Texas and Revolver Brewing is a strong addition to the fold. Most importantly, the brewery aims to create beer suited to its environment. The brewery's site was chosen based on its outstanding water source, which has a high sodium content. Its makeup is surprisingly soft and similar to water in Pilsen, Czech Republic, world renowned for its pilsner beer. The roundness of the water coupled with Wood's brewing techniques creates full-flavored beers that are not only drinkable, but tell a story. The idea of the voyage here is less about the creation, but more about the drinker's experience. “Each pint of beer has a story,” he says “it has a beginning, a middle, and an end.” He keeps that tasting journey in mind with every beer he creates and it only takes a few moments of listening to Wood describe his process to understand that it's one part science and one part art.

The story behind my favorite tasting, Blood & Honey, leads to a better appreciation of the beer and Wood’s philosophy. An unfiltered American Wheat Ale, the beer is finished with blood orange zest and local honey, hence the name, Blood & Honey. It’s a dramatic beer with a sweet note and intense aroma. While in the brewery, Wood allowed us to smell the honey, which came from nearby Fall Creek Farms. One breath of that sweet, earthy aroma and I understood what gave the beer it’s dramatic edge. Rounding out the lineup are a bright tasting blond ale, High Brass Ale, and a light bodied Bock which taste Wood characterized as “toasty, roasty layers of malt.” While local touches are nice, Wood also strives to create beer well-suited to the region. All of his beers are light-bodied and have a drinkability well-suited to Texas heat. But he's not stopping there, and has plans to add regional flair into his beers' flavors as well. A current recipe in the works, called the Sidewinder SW-Style Pale Ale, plays with maize, agave, lime, and cumin, all flavors of the Southwest.


The brewery is currently open for tours and tastings every Saturday from 12-3pm for $7. Included is a complimentary pint glass for you to take home. Food trucks and live music are also on hand, and the event is family friendly. If you can't make it to the brewery itself, Revolver Brewing's beers are also on tap in Granbury, as well as the greater Dallas area and slowly spreading into other parts of Texas (check their website for exact locations.) If you happen to be heading to Granbury, you might want to check out another of our favorite tasting journeys, Barking Rocks Winery.


Where: 5600 Matlock Road, Granbury, TX 76049 Tel. (817) 736-8034
Website: Revolver Brewing
When to Visit: Saturday afternoons from 12-3pm

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(Full disclosure, this was discovered while on a media trip. Other than taking me to the destination, this doesn’t inform my opinion, thoughts, or love of the place. If I don’t like something in my travels, I don’t bother to share it with you.)


I wonder if the workers there have the no drinking at work policy. Or if the boss allows a thing or two that slip out of their bucket of raw beer. xD

Happy travel. I like your trips story, reason i'm a little traveler.