Three Tips To Help You Exercise On The Road

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Some trips are focused around activity: hiking, skiing, and the like. But others, not so much. Even if you're not going on an "active" trip you can keep your exercise routine intact, without spending half your trip in the gym. I've got a few tips that will help you make your next journey an opportunity to shave off, instead of pack on, a few pounds.

Design Nerds: Trip Planning Ideas from Around the Web (2/8/13)

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When it comes to travel, traditional guides offer little value to the niche interest. They won't tell you where to find all the record shops in San Francisco, or where you might find a letterpress print to add to your collection, and they certainly won't tell you to bring hot sauce home as a souvenir. And that's ok, because honestly, you don't want a guidebook's suggestion for something they're completely unable to provide. You want someone who's interested, plugged-in, and just as obsessed as you are. You want a nerd. We've decided to help you out every month by featuring a different theme and a selection of our favorite inspiration from around the web with ideas for travel in mind.

This month, we've gone with the topic of design and we've found experts that will help you find where to go shopping for home goods in Melbourne, discover the perfect graphic installation to photograph, footsteps to follow in Paris, and a blog that will keep you exposed to all aspects of Japanese design. Be prepared, however, because after reading any of these sites, you might just start planning a trip.

Essential Travel Skills: Find The Hidden Money For Your Travel Budget

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Have you ever wished you had more money, so you could travel more? Or, not felt like you knew how much money you could spend on a trip? I'm going to help you understand your budget, an important part of travel planning, so that you can figure out how much money you can spend on travel without hurting your finances for the long-term. Specifically, I'm going to discuss one part of your budget that you may not have considered as part of your travel equation: expenses that are completely dependent on you being at home.

Getting Ready: Learn the Language With Italian Radio


While international radio stations have been streaming on the Internet for many years, finding them has always been a major issue. But recently, new apps and services have greatly simplified the whole process of radio streaming, opening up whole new worlds of opportunity to discover new music and culture. This is also great news for travelers, as it allows us to immerse ourselves in the language of our destination before we leave home. Which, as we've said before, is a great idea. As Italy is one of our favorite destinations out there, lately I've been practicing some "virtual immersion" in the language, listening to Italian radio at home and on my smartphone when I'm out. I've been surprised at how quickly I've soaked up new words, phrases, and how easily I can understand the DJs and commercials. Keep reading and I'll point you to some of my favorite Italian radio stations and give you some listening tips so that you can improve your Italian skills, not to mention find some new music, before your next trip.

Don't See Art On An Empty Stomach (And Other Museum Tips)

Metal Sculpture at LACMA with Kelly and Austin in reflection

Over many years and even more trips, we've managed to visit more than our fair share of art museums. There's lot of looking, standing on your feet for hours, and all of that while you're surrounded by lots of people doing annoying things. In all of these visits, we've also managed to learn a thing or two about what makes a museum visit enjoyable, and what can make you want to run back to your hotel room. So, I'm sharing these four tips to help you enjoy the arts, without wearing yourself out, on your next trip.

Forget The Guidebook: New York City

We think the web is full of great "travel guides," created by people who live and love the places we visit. Before you shell out a dime on a bland, mass-produced book, check out these great blogs and websites before your next trip to New York City, and get a taste of the city as locals see it.
Brooklyn Bridge
Image: ugod.

Researching a trip can be overwhelming when you start. What are you going to do? Where will you find information about your destination? Just searching for the place will likely land you tons of sites wanting to sell you guides, tours, and a ton of other stuff you probably don't want or need. Local blogs, sites, and other local-centered resources are one of the best places to look, but how do you find the good ones? A regular city is difficult enough, but how do you crack a huge nut like New York City? Keep reading to check out some of the great blogs and resources that I've found, to help you have a great trip to the Big Apple, without driving yourself crazy.

Five Tips For Getting or Renewing Your US Passport

Image: clappstar.

Whether it's your first passport or your third, applying for a passport can be a stressful experience. To help ease the process for you, we've distilled some of our wisdom (and that of experts at our local passport office) down into five easy-to-understand tips. Keep reading and start applying!

Photo First Aid - Fixing Blurry Travel Photos

Image: tonyhall.

Sometimes even the most promising travel photos turn out badly. Some of the most frustrating ones come out blurry, and unless you are experimenting with creative photography techniques, that's probably not what you were hoping for. Unfortunately, you can't just crop out the bad part or work some quick magic to regain your lost clarity. And to make matters worse, it is highly unlikely that you can easily go back and retake them. You may think that these blurred photos are a lost cause, but I've got a few suggestions to help keep those shots out of the trashcan. While salvaging may be what you need right now, I've also got some tips to help you take better, non-blurry, photos on your next trip.

Quick Tip: Checking Bags In Museums


Are you planning on heading to an art museum on your next trip? Will you be carrying your backpack with you, complete with a laptop and a camera? I've got a few tips for you that will help you avoid any surprises at the coat check.

On my most recent trip to New York City, I was lugging a full backpack around the city for an entire day, with no place to rest; a tiring proposition at best. I saved a visit to the Museum of Modern Art for the early afternoon, when I would need the break from my pack the most. Ah coat check, you were to be my savior. But when I reached the counter and handed my backpack to the checker, he asked if I had any laptops or cameras inside. Why, yes, I did. "Well, you'll have to carry those yourself," he said. It turns out that to avoid liability for expensive items, MOMA requires you to hold onto these items for yourself while you're perusing their collection. Good for them, but for my tired and worn out self, it was quite a physical burden. Luckily my camera had a strap, so I could wear it around my neck. But I had no such help with my laptop, which at several pounds, quickly grew to be a little too much for me to carry around. Somehow, I made it through my visit without dropping and breaking my precious gear, but I want to help you avoid my sad situation with these helpful tips for your next museum visit.

Essential Travel Skills: Choosing A Restaurant

restaurant line 2 Amy's DC
Image: Mr. T in DC.

When it comes to travel skills, finding a good place to eat is one of the most essential. But, when you're on the road, especially in a foreign country, making a good choice can be harder than you think. After all, when you don't speak (or read) the local language, menus and signs are less than useful. I've got a few tips and tricks to help you make better restaurant choices on your next trip.