Navigate London With TubeJP

London Tube
Image: fabbio.

London. It's one of the most wonderful cities in the world, filled to the brim with things to do, see, eat and buy. It also has a world-class transit system, with many options to get you wherever you want to go. However, this incredible flexibility can also pose problems for travelers. How do you figure out what line should you take? What's the DLR? What direction do you need to go? Luckily, travelers, green and seasoned alike, can use a tool called TubeJP (Journey Planner) to get a handle on trekking around London.

TubeJP offers a wealth of options for the London traveler. It has detailed maps, with every tube, bus, DLR, and train stop included. More importantly, it has a handy route calculator that allows you to find your way to and from any combination of addresses, post codes, places of interest, or transit stops.

TubeJP_ London Tube Map & Journey Planner

Want to find your way from King's Cross to the Victoria and Albert Museum? Take the tube and it'll take you 25 minutes via 9 stops and some walking. If there's a tube strike, you can still take the bus and get there in 54 minutes, with only one transfer. I've done that trip, and would have killed to have that info at my fingertips. It sure beats having to guess from a guidebook map.
So, the next time you're headed for sunny London-town, I'd recommend that you do a little planning with TubeJP and save yourself some time and heartache.