Hot in 2013: Five Travellious Destinations

animated spin the globe

Last year, I started a tradition. Instead of looking at trends or press releases for hot spots in 2013, I break out the globe. And I spin it. Where my finger lands becomes our Travellious Hot Spots for the year. The world is a big place and if we only pay attention to what's trendy, we'll miss out on what just might be our favorite trip. This year, I've found five new places to explore, I hope it inspires you to not only learn more about these five places, but also to let your travel be dictated by chance.

spiaggia beach near crotone
Image: Revolvweb.

Crotone is a city in Calabria in Southern Italy and the region is home to beautiful beaches and Cirò wine. Local food specialities include sardella, the caviar of the south, made of sardines, peppers, and wild fennel.

Revolv Web shows us the beaches in and around Crotone.

Italian singer, Rino Gaetano, was born in Crotone. His political commentary may be lost on a non-native ears, but his catchy tunes from the 1970s are infectious.

Want to visit? Check out the Italy tourism site on Crotone.

Anguilla at sunset
Image: aturkus.

Anguilla is a British territory in the Caribbean. Along with beaches, resorts and seaside restaurants, Anguilla is also home to barbecue. Ribs and chicken are grilled up on split oil drums and served up roadside.

Alan Turkus captured a stunning array of photos from Anguilla. I particularly enjoyed the portraits he captured of locals and vacationers, alike. Including one of local musician, Bankie Banx.

Want to visit? Look at Anguilla's tourism board for more information.

Rodina Mat
Image: Helen Flamme.

Formerly known as Stalingrad, the site of a long, brutal, famous battle in World War 2, Volgograd is still known as the Hero City. Situated in southern Russia along the Volga River it is home to many statues, the largest of which is at Mamai Hill, a sculpture memorial park. At the top of the hill is the iconic 85 meter tall Motherland Calls.

Helen Flamme takes us on a tour along the Volga River, which gives you insight into the sheer number of sculptures, as well as chilly scenes of Russian winter.

In searching for musical inspiration, I discovered Albina Dzhanabaeva, Volgograd native, and member of the Russian pop group VIA GRA. (Yes, a pop group named viagra intentionally. You can't make that up.) I hate for any culture to be judged by its pop music, but nonetheless, it was window into the candy-coated sounds and Russia's questionable sense of humor.

Want to visit? Check out Volgograd's tourism site for more information.

la paz el alto

La Paz is the seat of government of Bolivia, close to both the water and mountains. From Killi Killi Viewpoint you can see the entire city below you. In town itself, a visit to the National Musem of Art will teach you the history of Bolivian arts.

Journalist, Danielle Almeida Pereira of miradas shows a colorful, vibrant La Paz in her set of photos that shows the realities of Bolivian life, including a protest, as well as a tourist visit to the local jail.

Lastly, to get a bit of audio flavor, check out La Paz-based record label Random Is Not Whatever that showcases independent artists.

Want to visit? Check out La Paz Tourism ideas.

garachico tenerife canary islands
Image: extranoise.

Off the coast of West Africa, Tenerife is the largest island in the Canary Islands. Beaches, observatories and breathtaking architecture by Santiago Calatrava await.

Till Krech's photographs from Tenerife show a place of beauty, warmth, and vibrant contrasts.

Tenerife is also home to the Fimucité, an annual festival celebrating music in film. The movies most recognizable melodies, with a different theme each year, are performed by an orchestra every July.

Want to visit? Check out the Canary Islands Tourism Office.