Gift Guide for the First Time Traveler

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Image: naturalkinds.

Today's gift selection is for that newly budding travel addict that's about the head out into that great big world and you want to be sure they have the essentials.

first time gift guide

Whether your first-time traveler is flying on a plane or trying to sleep in a noisy hotel/hostel, these these Skullcandy earbuds will keep the noise out and the music in. Both of us have these beauties and wouldn't trade them in for anything.

In general, we're not huge fans of money belts, there is a time and a place for everything. Sometimes, for a newbie traveler, no matter how well they're prepared, they won't have their head on straight. In that case, a money belt may actually be helpful. Plus, how else can you form a hatred for them, without trying them? Mmmm. Sweaty money.

If you've never traveled, you never know the pleasure of trying to sleep on a plane, or in a less-than-dim hotel room. Oh eye mask, how many ways can I thank you? Do your newbie a favor and save them some sleepless nights.

Do you have any idea how many pairs of underwear you can stuff in a backpack when you've got compression bags? Trust me, if you want to help your little traveling friend, help them pack more efficiently and gift them a pack of these great bags.

Makeup. Check. Deodorent. Check. But, where is it all going to go? There's no better way to show you care than to give a good, and maybe even cute, toiletry bag.

There's nothing worse than digging around your bag looking for your passport and ticket. One of our first travel-related gifts was a passport holder and it always goes with us. Not only does it help you find your essential documents, but also provides a great place to stash receipts from purchases.

Don't let your loved one forget to pack the most essential travel gear, the Travel Plug Adapter . This one will let you charge your gadgets in any country in the world, and even includes a USB adapter.

Some of the most forgotten items in your toiletry bag could be solved by simply packing a first aid kit. Save your traveler some time and heartache, and gift them with those things they'll forget.

Everyone needs a piece of good luggage, and our favorite splurge item is an attractive and well-made bag. You don't want little Timmy traveling abroad with garbage bags full of clothes. Mandarina Duck is one of our favorite brands, but it runs a little on the high end, but you can often find them at clearance prices.

What one piece of gear do you think every new traveler should have?




Hi guys,

My Sennheiser headbuds have just died. Does anyone have a first hand comparison of Sennheiser vs. these skullcandy ones?

I don't know how they would compare to noise canceling headphones and would guess that they are inferior. We bought our skullcandy earbuds (like the ones above) at a discount store paying only around $25. For $25, we are exceptionally impressed. Austin vouches that the earbuds block our his coworkers to the point where they sneak up on him and scare him.

Thanks Kelly. And are they comfy for a long time? 10+ hours of flight time, for example? (Sorry for all the questions!)

Questions are a good thing! :)
I find it hard to wear any pair of headphones for a super-long period of time, but I wear these at work all the time and my ears never get sore. I simply get tired of wearing them, but only because I'm not a big fan of having things in my ears for more than an hour.