Carry-On Essentials: LUSH Cosmetics Solid Toiletries

solid toiletries for travel

Enter the airport security line. Sweater off. Shoes, laptop, and boarding pass tucked carefully into a gray bin. Now where's that bag? You know the bag, it's the one bursting at the seams. The one that's holding three ounces of every liquid you hold near and dear, and you're hoping makes it into the bin without destroying the seal. Ever since the liquid ban, that bag has frustrated me. Frustrated that I have to keep half of my toiletries in a separate place, and worried that I might forget to put that tube of toothpaste in its proper, TSA-approved home rather than where I carried it for years in my toiletry bag. It's that bag, alone, that often makes me want to check my bag. So, I decided to simplify and went solid. Fewer liquid products means I can put things where they should go and forget about it. It also means that bag has never been bursting at the seams again. If you can't change the system, you can at least beat it. Carry on reading to discover some products that will make you carry-on ready for your next trip.

Eight Great Toiletry Bags


A good toiletry bag is an essential part of traveling well. Rather than finding the biggest one available, we prefer well-designed bags that not only hold our stuff but encourage us to lighten the load. We've selected some of our favorites below that we'd be happy to have by our side on our next trip.

Travellious Test Labs: WhatchyaGot Bag

whatchyagot bag

The WhatchyaGot bag suits its name perfectly. Regardless of what you've got, there's a spot for it in this bag designed by Julie Gallegos. As she watched her father battle cancer, she saw a need that traditional bags did not meet. As Julie designed a bag to hold his medications, vitamins and other personal supplies, all while keeping them organized, she realized that she had stumbled upon something. She's decided to share this act of love with the world and the WhatchyaGot bag was born. Keep on reading to see what I thought about the bag.

Travellious Test Labs: Baggu Daypack and Zipper Bags

baggu daypack medium zipper bags

Recently, I was perusing an article where creative types shared their travel essentials on Hypebeast. One stand out entry was a collapsible shopping bag from BAGGU. While I was a bit skeptical about just how necessary a shopping bag was for travel, it was easy to see why their line of brightly colored bags would catch the eye of an artist. A quick glance at their website and I found an entire line of candy-colored bags for travel. I had the chance to play with a set of their zipper packs and a daypack, and discovered that BAGGU offers much more than a shopping bag for the jetsetter. If you're looking for more ways to pack light, stay organized and fashion conscious when you're on the road, these might be the bags for you.

Six Great Packing Aids For Your Next Trip


Whether you're going on a weekend excursion or a round the world trip, packing is one of the least pleasant parts of the whole experience. Toiletries get unorganized, clothing takes up too much space, and it all ends up messy by the end. To help you out, we've found some aids to help solve of your packing problems.