Cheap Sleeps: London

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In big cities, hotel rooms come at a price - both in space and price. London's hotel rooms are notoriously small, so why waste your money on a hole in the wall? We've dug up some ideas for alternative accommodations.

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Dorms are often overlooked when searching for affordable accommodations. While some only book rooms on breaks, others have year round rooms available. Not only can you find cheap rooms, but may have access to services such as laundry, games rooms, and even kitchens. Most universities offer rooms including London School of Economics, University of London, King's College, or City University to name just a few. A sampling of prices range from £30-£75 for a double, with meals and private bathrooms accounting for the higher costs.
Hostels always offer affordable housing options, but the choices can be daunting. The UK Youth Hostel Association helps you navigate the choices. One posh looking hostel we spotted on our last trip to London was the Ashlee House near Kings Cross.
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Don't overlook hotels, there are still a few budget options. A recent newcomer to the hotel scene, Hoxton Hotels offers rooms for as low as £59, and even have a £1 room sale. Other affordable hotel chains in London include City Inn and Purplehotels.

What are your favorite tips for saving money staying in London?


Last time I took a group through London we spent the night at the Lancaster Hall Hotel. Rooms were clean, comfortable, and not too costly. Breakfast was provided if I am not mistaken but we had to fend for ourselves for dinner. There was an amazing Lebanese restaurant (which was great since we just left Lebanon) across the street and several other dining options nearby as well. It wasn't too difficult to find a cab or a bus for transportation and we were just a short walk from the Paddington and Lancaster Underground Stations, so getting back to Heathrow was not a problem.

Our overall tab for 10 travelers was around $370 USD (during the summer of 2007). Rooms did not have a bathroom but there were ample showers and bathrooms on each floor where we didn't feel inconvenienced. It is important to note that we were housed in the Youth Wing of the hotel. I would recommend you call or email ahead for a reservation as they seemed to stay pretty busy. I think we took up all the remaining free rooms while we were there.

For those who want to know, the Lancaster is a YMCA hotel affiliated with a German hotel company.

London can be hard on the pockets for hotels and transport. My suggestions are: buy an oyster card as soon as you arrive. It guarantees the best rate available and you will not have to buy metro tickets every time you get on the tube.

As for hotels,I love the London Vicarage hotel their prices are great especially considering the position and the impeccable service

Thanks for the hotel suggestion, what lovely little hotel!

Yes! It's a real gem. Since I go to London once a month I had to find a decent place to stay at a reasonable price!
Keep the good work with the site, it's great!