Cheap Moves: London

London transit
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While everything in London is notoriously expensive, getting from place to place can eat up a particularly large chunk of your budget. After all, London is a large city, with lots to do, and a week's worth of cab rides, tube trips, and jaunts on the bus will leave you with little more than pocket change by the end. Check out our tips below that will help you keep your transportation budget in check.
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We've said it before, we love the Oyster card. This transit card lets you traverse the city by tube, bus, and even some National Rail services in London. It saves you time by allowing you to fill it up with credit or even buy a multi-day transit pass. And it saves you money, a zone 1 tube fare is 4 pounds in cash, but only 1.5 pounds on the Oyster card.
Skip the guided tour and do your own on foot. If you're worried about getting tired, plan your breaks wisely. Pubs, cafes and even the occasional museum are great places to take a break and get off your feet. Need some inspiration? Time Out created a bunch of free walking tours available for download. For more free tours, check out this great list at
line of cabs
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Don't blindly hop in a cab the next time you land in London. Train service runs to all three major airports, and if you're at Heathrow its also easy to catch the tube directly into town.

What are your favorite tips for saving money getting around London?


I lived in London for a year during grad school and swore by the buses. They're cheaper than the tube and you get to see where you are going, which is nice if you are a visitor. They're also quite extensive and the night buses are great as well, so you can most likely find something to get you home at any time of night.