Cheap Eats: London

fish and chips


Image: Daveybot.

Fish and chips, bangers and mash...that's what most travelers think of when they're heading to the UK. But, when you're in London, those "inexpensive" pub meals can quickly add up, not to mention test your affinity for greasy food. Here are some ideas for the best ways to eat cheaply in London.

Pasties are some of the best street food in London, especially if it is a cold day. The warm, crusty pastries, filled with meat, cheese, and veggies are a cheap eater's dream. The West Cornwall Pasty Company is the most prodigious pasty maker, but keep an eye out for the distinctive blue sign of Greggs, as well.

Quick food, on the go, is typically unhealthy, made way in advance, and far from tasty. The food at Pret A Manger is exactly the opposite; it's good for you, and made fresh daily. Whether you're in the mood for a simple triangle sandwich or something sweeter, your tongue and budget will be happy

The doner kebab is a go to food after a night of drinking, but also makes for a quick and inexpensive meal for a traveler. But not all kebabs have to be made of greasy goodness, Time Out ranks the best of the best kebabs in London.

Indian food is always an economical choice when dining in London. For an even better deal head out of the city to Rita's Samosa House in Southall. Check out Su-Lin's site, Tamarind and Thyme for more budget eating ideas in London.

What are your favorite tips for eating cheaply in the UK or London?


Save money by popping into upscale Waitrose (a grocery store with express locations in train stations and on just about every High Street in England). Grab a sandwich and some fruit and find a bench.

Pasties are heavenly, but they're not exactly a health food!

That's a great tip, not only for London, but anywhere you go. Thanks!