Carry-On Essentials: LUSH Cosmetics Solid Toiletries

solid toiletries for travel

Enter the airport security line. Sweater off. Shoes, laptop, and boarding pass tucked carefully into a gray bin. Now where's that bag? You know the bag, it's the one bursting at the seams. The one that's holding three ounces of every liquid you hold near and dear, and you're hoping makes it into the bin without destroying the seal. Ever since the liquid ban, that bag has frustrated me. Frustrated that I have to keep half of my toiletries in a separate place, and worried that I might forget to put that tube of toothpaste in its proper, TSA-approved home rather than where I carried it for years in my toiletry bag. It's that bag, alone, that often makes me want to check my bag. So, I decided to simplify and went solid. Fewer liquid products means I can put things where they should go and forget about it. It also means that bag has never been bursting at the seams again. If you can't change the system, you can at least beat it. Carry on reading to discover some products that will make you carry-on ready for your next trip.

When I went to lighten my liquid stash, I headed straight to LUSH cosmetics. Known for their environmentally-friendly stance, they've been reformulating their products for years to create minimal packaging and that means that their array of solid toiletries is second to none.

for the skin

Full of Grace and Ultrabalm.

Moisturizer is a must, especially after a long dehydrating flight. Two of my favorites solid varieties to pack are the solid bar,Full of Grace ($13.95,) which is surprisingly emollient after you warm it between your hands. Perfect for your nightly regime or a post-sun soothe. On the flight itself, you can't go wrong with Ultrabalm ($13.95,) a solid tin that's a mix of candelilla wax, rose wax, and jojoba oil that perfect for hands, lips, cuticles, and anything else. It even smoothes a stray hair or two.

Solid Perfume.

If good scents are what you're after, LUSH also has a range of solid perfumes from their Gorilla Perfume Line. These small twist-up sticks make for easy application and, in a pinch, can double as lip balm. My favorite scent is B Scent ($12.95.)

for the hair

Solid Shampoo and Conditioner.

Solid shampoos and conditioners are a godsend, but are only tricky for travel if you intend to move accommodations nightly. Allowing them to air-dry is ideal, but the storage tins work fine for transporting them in less than ideal situations. While shampoos are super simple to use (my favorite? Godiva, $10.95), the conditioner takes some adjustment. But once you learn the proper amount for your hair (a little goes a long way), the scent of Jungle Conditioner ($7.95) alone will make you want to toss your liquid conditioners at home, as well.

You might need to pick up some tins to hold your new solids. And heck you might even need a whole new toiletry bag. So be sure to check out our suggestions for eight great toiletry bags, as well.


Never used these cosmetics but will check them out for my next travels. They all look like fresh and fruity which I like :)