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Travellious Test Labs: Sanuk Sandals and Sidewalk Surfers

sanuk holy moly sidewalk surfers

I'm always on the hunt for the perfect travel shoe. One that's comfy, easily packed and doesn't look like its sole function in life is orthopedic. Recently, Sanuk contacted me to see if we wanted to test out the travel heartiness of a few pairs of their shoes that are "as much about funk as function." I headed straight over to their website to see a wide range of casual and fun shoes that I was surprised were not already living in my closet.

They arrived just in time for both Austin and I to test them out on two separate trips out of town. I was headed to warm and sunny St. Croix, the perfect weather for testing out their flip flops and sidewalk surfers. Austin, however, was heading to the chillier locales of upstate New York and had just the pair of heartier shoes to bring with him. I'll let Austin share you his thoughts on the guys shoes tomorrow and jump right into my warm weather experiences.

Desktop Calendar: May 2011

desktop calendar travel may 2011

Somedays we all need a little travel inspiration and what better place to put it other than right your desktop. For May I decided on an image of renewal, being that it's springtime. Instead of picturesque tulips, I chose a striking image of regrowth that I spotted a few months ago while on the Big Island of Hawai‘i at the Kalapana Lava Viewing Area. Seeing bright green ferns sprout out of the barren remnants of a lava flow made me pause for a moment and think about how amazing our world is.

(I had a great time on the Big Island in March finding deals at the farmer's market, visiting volcanoes, gawking at lava, discovering the perfect road trip and found the happy in happy hour.)

Choose the size that best fits your screen:

Hawaiian Happy Hour: Dinner with a View and on a Budget in Kona

sunset huggo's kona big island hawaii

By 5pm in Hawai'i, I want to have sand stuck between my toes, a good layer of salt water dried to my skin and have exerted enough energy to be hungry for a good meal. I don't want anything fussy or uptight. I want to throw on a sundress, pull my sun-bleached hair on top of my head, bring out the big earrings and settle down for a relaxed meal with front row seats for the sunset. In Kona, you'll be hard-pressed to not find a spot for a cold drink, affordable local chow and a comfy, casual seat to watch the warm, red sun set into the sea.

Postcards from St. Croix: A Top Evening from a Top Chef

chicken liver risotto tiffany derry st croix food and wine

Yesterday I arrived in St. Croix and before I could get too comfy on my beachfront patio at the Buccaneer Hotel, I was whisked away to food and wine pairing dinner by Top Chef alum, Tiffany Derry and winemaker, Rudy von Strasser.

The meal had many highlights, but the most memorable for me was this artichoke risotto with chicken livers. The pairing of two great comfort foods stimulated by my palate and my memories. I found myself transported back to my two favorite kitchens, my grandmother with her fried chicken livers and my adopted Italian home in Padova for a hot plate of risotto.

Travellious Test Labs - Black Box Retractable Standard Cable Kit

blackbox retractable cable kit

I hate cords at home and I hate them in my suitcase. So, when Black Box offered to send over their Retractable Cable Kit to try out, I welcomed the opportunity to see if they could cut down on my travel cable clutter. I gave the kit a thorough at home testing and toted it along with me on my last trip to Hawaii. I found a few things in the kit indispensable and a few not worthy of the space in my bag. If you hate cords as much as I do, check out my review.

Awaken Your Senses in Hawai‘i at Volcanoes National Park

volcanoes national park

I'll be honest, when I learned that I'd be heading to the island of Hawai'i, I wasn't exactly excited about volcanoes. In fact, I may have even been a bit apathetic, muttering "head to the Big Island, see some volcanoes, how cliché." That's not to say that I didn't want to visit, but countless honeymoon photos and uninspiring stories had colored my expectations. However, with my low expectations, Volcanoes National Park had the upper hand during my visit. I returned home inspired and ridiculously excited about what I had seen.