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Three Tips To Help You Exercise On The Road

Woman doing yoga

Some trips are focused around activity: hiking, skiing, and the like. But others, not so much. Even if you're not going on an "active" trip you can keep your exercise routine intact, without spending half your trip in the gym. I've got a few tips that will help you make your next journey an opportunity to shave off, instead of pack on, a few pounds.

Festivals of the Season: Lantern Floating in Honolulu, Hawaii

Floating Lanterns in Honolulu Hawaii

Going to Hawaii is often an exercise in rest and relaxation, full of beaches, good food, and beautiful weather. Somehow, we've discovered yet another reason to visit the islands, one that can help bring you some spiritual healing and inner peace. Our newest festival of the season is the Lantern Floating in Honolulu, Hawai'i, a yearly celebration that honors people who we've lost, giving attendees a chance to reflect, remember, and heal.

Global Grub: Pickles

japanese pickled plums, or umeboshi
Image: mofoods.

What's a pickle to a traveler? Is it merely a snack, or an accompaniment to a great meal? Pickles are, in fact, much more than that. From vinegary pickles to preserved lemons, they are the oldest method of preserving food, a showcase for local food culture, and they reflect what's abundant and loved in an area. They also play the perfect companion to meals of all sorts, calming spicy curries, adding a crisp bite to a sandwich, or acting as a palette cleanser between bites. To help you find your perfect pickle when you're on the road, we're going to take you on a quick world tour of pickles, to help you know how to find a pickled treat no matter where you are.

Festivals of the Season: Breaux Bridge Crawfish Festival in Louisiana

crawfish from the breaux bridge crawfish festival

Forget Mardi Gras, May is the prime time of year for visiting Louisiana. The weather is heating up, snoball stands are open, farmers markets are in full swing, and crawfish are at their peak. With crawfish season, comes the mother of all crawfish festivals, the Breaux Bridge Crawfish Festival in Breaux Bridge, Louisiana. Held the first weekend every May, it's a three-day celebration of crawfish, cajun food, and culture. On our vist, we throughly enjoyed feasting on a variety of cajun cuisine, as well as taking in the spectacle set to the soundtrack of zydeco music and want to share why it's well worth planning a trip.

Essential Travel Skills: Find The Hidden Money For Your Travel Budget

change between sofa cushions

Have you ever wished you had more money, so you could travel more? Or, not felt like you knew how much money you could spend on a trip? I'm going to help you understand your budget, an important part of travel planning, so that you can figure out how much money you can spend on travel without hurting your finances for the long-term. Specifically, I'm going to discuss one part of your budget that you may not have considered as part of your travel equation: expenses that are completely dependent on you being at home.

Festivals of the Season: Printemps Des Arts in Monte Carlo

Conductor at Printemps Des Arts in Monte-Carlo

Springtime around the world usually means warmer temperatures, brightening skies, and an awakening of life. In Monte-Carlo, in Monaco, it also means that it is time for celebrating music, dance, and the arts in its yearly festival, Printemps des Arts. For several weekends from mid-March through April, concertgoers can enjoy twenty five musical and dance performances, several conferences, dance performances, plus master classes by some of the performers. The many performances by the hometown Monte-Carlo Philharmonic Orchestra and parts of the Monte-Carlo Opera are sure to please, and the diverse selection of visiting performers give attendees a chance to sample the culture of the world without having to leave the Riviera. Thinking about the whole festival left me wondering, wouldn't this be a great excuse to plan a trip to Monaco?

2012 Gift Ideas For Travelers

Image: Plastic_Bat.

Do you have a person on your gift list who loves to travel? Need help picking out that perfect present that will help them travel, enjoy the world, and shower you with thanks? You've come to the right place to help you find just the right gift idea.

Getting Ready: Learn the Language With Italian Radio


While international radio stations have been streaming on the Internet for many years, finding them has always been a major issue. But recently, new apps and services have greatly simplified the whole process of radio streaming, opening up whole new worlds of opportunity to discover new music and culture. This is also great news for travelers, as it allows us to immerse ourselves in the language of our destination before we leave home. Which, as we've said before, is a great idea. As Italy is one of our favorite destinations out there, lately I've been practicing some "virtual immersion" in the language, listening to Italian radio at home and on my smartphone when I'm out. I've been surprised at how quickly I've soaked up new words, phrases, and how easily I can understand the DJs and commercials. Keep reading and I'll point you to some of my favorite Italian radio stations and give you some listening tips so that you can improve your Italian skills, not to mention find some new music, before your next trip.

Travellious Test Labs: Windows Phone


This summer, I was fortunate to get the opportunity to try out a Windows Phone, something I'd been itching to do for a while. I was intrigued by the clean, sleek look of the OS, but I couldn't help but wonder if it would actually be useful for travelers. I know that many tech-savvy travelers will inevitably gravitate towards the latest iPhone or a popular Android device, but after some time with a Windows Phone, I can clearly say that they should consider these relative newcomers, as well. With the release of Windows Phone 7.5 and beyond, phones boasting this platform provide a clean, well-designed, and fully capable OS and app marketplace that offer travelers everything they need and more. Keep reading to find out the best features and outstanding apps that prove Windows Phones are ready to go on the road with you on your next trip.