ArtSmart Roundtable: London's Sculpture in the City

Sculpture in the City London 2013
Richard Wentworth, Twenty-Four Hour Flag. Jake & Dinos Chapman, The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. Robert Indiana, LOVE.

Want to see some great sculpture in London? Here’s some strange words of advice. Head straight to the city’s financial district, the City of London. Amidst the modern skyscrapers and the men making money, the city is hosting its third annual Sculpture in the City.

Since 2010, the City of London has brought contemporary sculpture to the heart of London. Last week, Sculpture in the City opened its 2013 installment in the Square Mile and will feature nine works of public sculpture set to interact with the urban environment. The most recognizable sculpture in the mix is Robert Indiana’s LOVE, but there are also seven other equally arresting works. Richard Wentworth’s Twenty-Four Hour Flag, a series of chairs suspended from the side of a building that would certainly grab my attention.

map of sculpture in the city

Most works are displayed in a central area and the outliers are no more than a ten minute walk away making for an easy walking tour of discovery. Set against the backdrop of dramatic buildings, such as Norman Foster’s 30 St Mary Axe, I imagine it's an enjoyable environment for comparing and contrasting styles, materials, and medium. Sponsored by local galleries, curated, and with site-specific installation chosen by the artists, this is a high caliber showing that’s worlds away from the “paint an animal” style public art shows prevalent in American cities. Open through 2014, Sculpture in the City, has created a museum without walls and, yet another public dialogue with art in an already culturally rich city.

Art Smart
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What a great event, Kelly! I'd love to wander London and encounter contemporary art installations that had seemingly just been dropped in public places. It's such a cool city. Venerable yet always something new to see.

Definitely a more engaging show than "paint an animal". Love The Good, The Bad, and The can't really go wrong with dinosaurs.

Very cool!
I am trying to find a way to fit London into my trip to Europe next year.
Maybe I'll check out the 2014 instalments - a great way to see art for free!


Thanks for the heads up about this really cool outdoor art exhibit! I love public art - it really enlivens a city and will be great in the financial district that doesn't necessarily have its own art and culture scene. I just need to get to London now.... :)