August 2008

Photo Friday: New Years in Cortina

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Snow in Cortina

A few winters ago we spent New Years in Italy with some Italian friends. They invited us to tag along on their trip to the chic ski town of Cortina in the Italian Alps. While we didn't ski, we spent our days playing in the snow, wandering downtown, and eating lots of great Italian food. The town is quaint resort town full of skiers, relaxed food joints, and scenic vistas like the one above. This trip was really memorable for us, as we stayed with a friendly Italian family and a bunch of fun Italians (Francesco included) and got a peek into Italian mountain living that we would have never have gained access to as a "tourist."

Museum Tip: Get In For Free

National Gallery Washington DC
Image: huxleyesque.

Some people think they are savvy travelers. You know the type, endlessly bragging about how they got the best deal on a plane ticket, how they found a five star hotel for $99 a night. But what about after they get there? Chances are they blow their hard earned money on every overpriced tourist attraction forgetting all the money they've saved and mindlessly emptying their pockets to gain access into a city's cultural highlights. Don't be that guy.

Here's a tip for gaining access into almost any museum, for free. Do your homework, a bit of web research, and find out what days are free.

Ask an Italian: What Do Italians Eat for Dinner?

Every week, Francesco Serra, our good friend and expert on all things Italian, gives us perspective on Italian culture. Residing in the northern city of Padova, but being a fiercely proud native Calabrian, he brings a unique perspective on all things Italian.
spaghetti and tomatoes
Image: FotoRita.

Our question today for Francesco....I am always curious what Italians actually eat for dinner. Is it the big spreads of food that we always see on TV or is that just for special occasions? What did you eat for dinner last night?

Have a question about Italy? Send Francesco an e-mail and we'll have him answer your question here.

Virtual Tourguide: How To Beat Jetlag

Real life travel advice from around the web. Have you written about a travel experience and want to share? Send us a link and we'll feature it here.

airplane windows

Image: batsignal.

I'm a big fan of design blogs and for travelers, they are often a great source for shopping advice. One of these stellar design bloggers is Holly Becker of Decor 8. She's lucky enough to have just set up a second home in Hannover, Germany and is documenting the experience of designing a home abroad at her new blog Haus Maus.

Not only does she offer loads of design inspiration and eye candy, but we found a great tidbit of travel she beats jetlag.