About Us

Travellious offers travel tips, inspiration and education on how to travel smarter, often and on your own terms. We believe that travel is a unique, personal experience and an important part of life. We hope to inspire others through our words and our own travel experiences to not travel like everyone else.

Ten years ago, Austin Hill and Kelly Goodman were bitten by the travel bug and made frequent travel a priority in their lives. After a few years of trips to Europe, they got tired of answering the question "how do you guys travel so often?"

Seeking to help others travel rebelliously (hence the name, travellious,) in 2007 they set out to answer that question, striving to help others find the ability to travel as they did, and inspire wanderlust along the way. Growing by leaps and bounds (and overzealous goals), we've found that we're not the only ones out there that don't want to travel like everyone else. We’ve been featured by PC Magazine, KBCS 91.3, The Guardian, and were a finalist in the 2009 Bloggies.

Austin Hill seeks out and shares the best travel tech, gear and skills for Travellious. He's also a self-professed BBQ snob and has a passion for finding the best food in his travels from smoked meat to local produce. What he loves most about writing for Travellious, is helping others find their travel style whether it be in a new bag or a new look on life. Read Austin's articles, contact him at austin@travellious.com or connect with him on Twitter (@aghman.)

Kelly Goodman writes about art, culture, destinations and food for Travellious. When she's on the road, she’s always searching for new ways to help travelers see and experience the beauty of life, whether it's in an art museum or on their plate. What Kelly loves most is discovering new, unsung destinations, as well as showcasing travel standards in a new light. Read Kelly's articles, contact her at kelly@travellious.com or connect with her on Twitter (@kag2u.)

So, you want to travel? Need some help? We share our approach to travel through five distinct topics:
TRIPS: photo tours, trip discoveries, information AND inspiration to see the world
FOOD: the best food, purveyors and culinary events
CULTURE: art, architecture and museums
GEAR: tested travel gear, technology, and uncommon travel goods
SKILLS: tips, essentials and practical advice

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