Travel In Style: Men's Classy Casual Slipons

Handmade mens leather slipons from India
Image: Artiii.

For me, there's nothing more satisfying than traveling in a nice pair of classy slip-on loafers. A perfect shoe is neither too shiny nor casual, but instead falling into the magical zone between comfort and style. Not only can you slip loafers on and off easily at security, but you can stride through the airport, knowing that you look good. Plus, when you're out and about during the day, you can blend in more easily than you would dressed in "travel" or tennis shoes. You may be on tour, but you don't have to look like the stereotypical tourist. So to help my fellow traveling males out there, I'm sharing some shoes I've found that I'd gladly take with me on any trip.

Mens slip on loafers

My personal favorites in my current wardrobe are my Gordon Rush 'Madison' Loafers (see above) and my black Kenneth Cole NY loafers, which are sadly no longer made. I've also been eyeing up these Allen Edmonds Soranos; they may make an appearance in my wardrobe in the near future. There's an entire world of options out there for classy mens slipons (as you can see below), so get out there and find something that works with your style...and flaunt it the next time you're flying!

Desktop Calendar: April 2012


I recently had the chance to go to Sedona, Arizona and take in its desert palette. This shot was taken from a helicopter ride above the Red Rocks, which is an unbelievable experience. I was there to test out Sony's line of cameras, video cameras, tablets and e-readers for the traveler and can't wait to share my thoughts on that soon. I fell in love with the cameras, including the NEX line (the photo above is shot with a NEX-5N.) I also fell in love with the natural beauty, vistas, and energy of Sedona. I came home from the beautiful L'Auberge de Sedona relaxed, rejuvenated and with a new tech obsession. More on that soon!

Travel in Style: Ballet Flats


Ballet flats are a favorite shoe of mine at home and on the road. This spring they are also on trend appearing all over the place. Bill Cunningham caught New Yorkers wearing them a few weeks ago on the New York Times. In the shops, JCrew, alone, has an entire ballet boutique and the traveler-friendly shoe company, Toms has just launched a ballet flat line.

Why are these shoes so great for travel? They are always comfortable, versatile, cute and easily packable. All great things for when you're on your feet most of the day and still want to look in style.

I've pulled a few contenders to get you started on finding the perfect flat to add to your travel wardrobe. Happy Shoe Shopping!

Forget The Guidebook: New York City

We think the web is full of great "travel guides," created by people who live and love the places we visit. Before you shell out a dime on a bland, mass-produced book, check out these great blogs and websites before your next trip to New York City, and get a taste of the city as locals see it.
Brooklyn Bridge
Image: ugod.

Researching a trip can be overwhelming when you start. What are you going to do? Where will you find information about your destination? Just searching for the place will likely land you tons of sites wanting to sell you guides, tours, and a ton of other stuff you probably don't want or need. Local blogs, sites, and other local-centered resources are one of the best places to look, but how do you find the good ones? A regular city is difficult enough, but how do you crack a huge nut like New York City? Keep reading to check out some of the great blogs and resources that I've found, to help you have a great trip to the Big Apple, without driving yourself crazy.

Tasting Oahu: Satisfying Your Sweet Tooth


You don't have to look very hard to satisfy your sweet tooth on Oahu, but the array of choices may overwhelm you. Never fear, I've done some of the sampling for you and present to you my incomplete list of some of my favorite sweet treats from around the island. The shave ice, smoothies and favorite baked treats that follow may induce hunger pains and an unexplained need for a plane ticket to Honolulu. Don't say I didn't warn you.

Artsmart Roundtable: An Architectural Tour at Madison Square Park

Flatiron Building
Flatiron Building, 1901-1903

New York City's architecture can be overwhelming and with the hub and bub of the city passing you by, it can be hard to take in. After visiting New York recently, I realized that parks are the perfect homebase for doing an impromptu architectural tour. One of the finest is Madison Square Park, who not only gives you a front row seat to one of New York's most noted landmarks, the Flatiron Building (pictured above,) but a peek at architecture both old and new, and maybe even a milkshake.

Five Tips For Getting or Renewing Your US Passport

Image: clappstar.

Whether it's your first passport or your third, applying for a passport can be a stressful experience. To help ease the process for you, we've distilled some of our wisdom (and that of experts at our local passport office) down into five easy-to-understand tips. Keep reading and start applying!

Travellious Test Labs: Netrobe App for iPhone


Netrobe is a fashion app for cataloging, styling and expanding your wardrobe. It's also an awesome travel application, making packing a visual experience.

I think the biggest problem with packing, particularly among us ladies, is not making enough tough decisions ahead of time. Will you actually wear the heels? Does that shirt match anything else in your suitcase? Decisions not made at home lead to overpacking and Netrobe helps you solve this problem by giving you the tools to plan out your wardrobe ahead of time and create a visual packing list to help you make sure not to forget a single thing. It's not without hard work, however, but once you've cataloged your wardrobe, I envision this as an indispensable travel aid. Curious how it would work for the traveler? I'll walk you through the process.

Photo Tour of Oregon Coast

downtown astoria
downtown astoria

Got a bad case of wanderlust today? Take a peek at some shots of a road trip I took last September down the Oregon Coast. We had views, sand, seafood and even sea lions. If you're itching for a roadtrip today, you may want to wait til it warms up a bit if you're looking for some sunshine. But I assure you, the coast is just as fun in the fog and rain.

Click through for more photos.

sea lions astoria
sea lions in astoria