Design Nerds: Trip Planning Ideas from Around the Web (2/8/13)

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When it comes to travel, traditional guides offer little value to the niche interest. They won't tell you where to find all the record shops in San Francisco, or where you might find a letterpress print to add to your collection, and they certainly won't tell you to bring hot sauce home as a souvenir. And that's ok, because honestly, you don't want a guidebook's suggestion for something they're completely unable to provide. You want someone who's interested, plugged-in, and just as obsessed as you are. You want a nerd. We've decided to help you out every month by featuring a different theme and a selection of our favorite inspiration from around the web with ideas for travel in mind.

This month, we've gone with the topic of design and we've found experts that will help you find where to go shopping for home goods in Melbourne, discover the perfect graphic installation to photograph, footsteps to follow in Paris, and a blog that will keep you exposed to all aspects of Japanese design. Be prepared, however, because after reading any of these sites, you might just start planning a trip.

Exhibitions Worth the Trip: In the Light of Amarna

Nefertiti Neues Museum
Image: © Staatliche Museen zu Berlin, Photo: Achim Kleuker.

Before planning a trip to the pyramids, lovers of ancient Egypt should instead consider a trip to Berlin. This spring, the city's beloved Egyptian, Nefertiti, is having a special celebration. Until April 13, 2013, the Neues Museum is honoring the 100 years since her discovery in Amarna with a special exhibit, In the Light of Amarna. 100 Years of the Nefertiti Discovery.

Essential Travel Skills: Find The Hidden Money For Your Travel Budget

change between sofa cushions

Have you ever wished you had more money, so you could travel more? Or, not felt like you knew how much money you could spend on a trip? I'm going to help you understand your budget, an important part of travel planning, so that you can figure out how much money you can spend on travel without hurting your finances for the long-term. Specifically, I'm going to discuss one part of your budget that you may not have considered as part of your travel equation: expenses that are completely dependent on you being at home.

Festivals of the Season: Printemps Des Arts in Monte Carlo

Conductor at Printemps Des Arts in Monte-Carlo

Springtime around the world usually means warmer temperatures, brightening skies, and an awakening of life. In Monte-Carlo, in Monaco, it also means that it is time for celebrating music, dance, and the arts in its yearly festival, Printemps des Arts. For several weekends from mid-March through April, concertgoers can enjoy twenty five musical and dance performances, several conferences, dance performances, plus master classes by some of the performers. The many performances by the hometown Monte-Carlo Philharmonic Orchestra and parts of the Monte-Carlo Opera are sure to please, and the diverse selection of visiting performers give attendees a chance to sample the culture of the world without having to leave the Riviera. Thinking about the whole festival left me wondering, wouldn't this be a great excuse to plan a trip to Monaco?

ArtSmart Roundtable: University Art Galleries

detail Yale University Art Gallery

When you think of seeing art on a trip in the United States, it's easiest to gravitate towards the most well known museums in large cities. However, there are lots of opportunities to enjoy art in excellent musuems, in lesser-known places. One great place to look at art are at any of the American universities across the country. Universities have both the resources and benefactors to help foster an environment for collecting and displaying a significant collection of art. Further, the university setting puts an emphasis on learning from art, as well as about art. It makes for a unique museum experience. Almost every university has an art collection of some sorts, including these four university art museums of note in the United States.

Hot in 2013: Five Travellious Destinations

animated spin the globe

Last year, I started a tradition. Instead of looking at trends or press releases for hot spots in 2013, I break out the globe. And I spin it. Where my finger lands becomes our Travellious Hot Spots for the year. The world is a big place and if we only pay attention to what's trendy, we'll miss out on what just might be our favorite trip. This year, I've found five new places to explore, I hope it inspires you to not only learn more about these five places, but also to let your travel be dictated by chance.

Eight Great Toiletry Bags


A good toiletry bag is an essential part of traveling well. Rather than finding the biggest one available, we prefer well-designed bags that not only hold our stuff but encourage us to lighten the load. We've selected some of our favorites below that we'd be happy to have by our side on our next trip.

Tasting Journey: Revolver Brewing


I often come across passionate, enthusiastic characters in my travels. More often than not they have something to do food and drinks. I love learning about their passion for what they create and I love sharing my finds with you, so you can visit too.

Revolver Brewing is a newcomer to the craft beer scene in Texas with their grand opening in Granbury, Texas, in October 2012. World class beers for a Texas palate are created by Grant Wood, a former brewer for the Boston Beer Company. Wood found his way back to Texas, alongside owner Rhett Keisler, to get back to their roots and create craft beer for a Texas audience. The beers they craft are light-bodied, full of flavor, and the brewery, well-worth a visit the next time you're in the Dallas area. They've got big plans and I suspect they'll be making interesting beers for many years to come.

Tasting Journey: Barking Rocks Winery


I often come across passionate, enthusiastic characters in my travels. More often than not they have something to do food and drinks. I love learning about their passion for what they create and I love sharing my finds with you, so you can visit too.

At Barking Rocks Winery in Granbury, Texas, each grape crushing reveals a different path. The winemaker, Tiberia, is not interested in recreating the same bottle of wine again and again, but instead lets the grapes lead him through each barrelling. The journey of Barking Rocks Winery began ten years ago with an early retirement and a career change that led Tiberia to reinvent himself, dropping his first name and returning to his Italian heritage through winemaking. For the past decade, he and his wife Sissy have been sticking to their motto “making wine, friends and events happen.”

2012 Gift Ideas For Travelers

Image: Plastic_Bat.

Do you have a person on your gift list who loves to travel? Need help picking out that perfect present that will help them travel, enjoy the world, and shower you with thanks? You've come to the right place to help you find just the right gift idea.